Le Blossom: A Japanese Restaurant Design by Ménard Dworkind

Le Blossom is the newest restaurant design project by Montreal-based Ménard Dworkind architecture & design, a killer hospitality venue created to provide the best Japanese food. Le Blossom is Ménard Dworkind’s non-traditional and futurist take on Japanese culture, located at the heart of Montreal’s Village. Behind the counter, the custom-made back bar shelves create a nice impression of both order and chaos, as all of the structure’s compartments have been cut in different sizes,” explain Ménard Dworkind. “Moreover, each compartment has been decorated with an individual mirror, while a large dotted wooden panel has been placed above the shelves to give the whole area just the right amount of cohesion.”

Setting up brass gold tap is never been boring

Amazing design of white tap that should be matched every type of your rooms

Going to put on these beautiful stainless steel tap on my set

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